April 28, 2009

Stump Dickens + Eyes of the Elders - History and Dirt Off My Shoes

This group started out when drummer, Imperial Penguin approached the hip-hop duo known as Eyes of the Elders, who has been together for over 4 years, and told them he wanted to put a live band together for their music. The rest is history. For over a year now the band has been together, destroying the scene in and around Charlotte. The hardest part of this whole Sonicbids process is the first question asked. Genre? then secondary genre? The best thing about Stump Dickens is that nothing else sounds like it. It's an untapped collage of emcees with background influences that range from Sage Francis and Sole, to Widespread Panic and Tool. The instruments behind these mind-altering emcees is a solid group of 5, including a keyboard player with perfect pitch that can play anywhere from Beethoven to any video game theme ever made in his sleep as well as a classically trained violin instructor who has played her violin all over the world including being in a traveling Gypsy band in Romania. All this group needs is exposure one time and they are sure to explode on multiple music scenes with music lovers from all genres foaming at the mouth and asking for more.

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